vicars and tarts...

These are the tarts made from the leftover ganache. I kept eating the berries while we were making dinner so we had just enough left for the tarts. There were 4 tarts. The crust is store bought graham cracker mini crusts that were left over from the summer. The tarts came out well, it is hard to go wrong with putting fruit on some chocolate. B thought it would be better if the chocolate was semisweet instead bittersweet because it would match the sweetness of the berries better. I think I agree but i like chocolate and berries in pretty much any combination. The crust was a little flavorless, maybe a little stale. i think it would be better with a homemade crust. i also wish that i would have been able to just pick it up and eat it without a fork (the crust just crumbled). Either way it was a good way to use up some leftovers and by no means a failure in my book. it also makes you feel a little fancy to eat a special dessert once in a while. And since this is so easy it is perfect for when you need a little extra fancy!

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