Eggs that aren't white...

Mint Creek Farm Eggs

We bought these at the market. Yes that egg is green! and the other is pink! Aren't they gorgeous? The different colors just come from different chickens. This is the same farm that produces the ground lamb that B and I absolutely love. The eggs were mostly brown with a few white ones too. Why dye Easter eggs when the chickens will do it for you?

B and I also had a discussion about eggs. His mom always told him to crack eggs into a separate bowl when baking. She cracked eggs directly into a cake she was making only to find out the egg had been fertilized. Most commercial eggs come from industrial operations where the chickens don't have access to a rooster so that shouldn't be a problem these days for most people. My mom always told me to crack eggs into another bowl first just in case the egg is bad or if you get shell in it it is easier to get out.

She also tried to convince me not to eat raw cake or brownie batter. i always countered that with "Did you eat raw batter as a kid?" The answer was always yes followed by a lame attempt to convince me that things are different now. In reality she has a point. Commercial eggs are exposed and susceptible to many more dangerous afflictions than they were when most eggs were raised by farmers. That's why we buy eggs at the market.
Julia Child says whatever is left on the spoon or in the bowl is for the cook. Why shouldn't you have a special treat after all that work?

I agree with Julia.

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