We are hosting dinner on Saturday (for my P's) and on Sunday (for friends). We don't host dinner very often and 2 in one weekend is kind of a lot. I would like to host more dinners for friends. Here are our menus for the weekend.

Saturday Early Bird Special:

Steak with homemade horseradish sauce
Roasted carrots with balsamic
Bourbon Chocolate cake
Caramel Sauce

Sunday Dinner:

Cauliflower Curry
Saag Paneer (that'd be homemade paneer)
Lamb with Lemon
Basmati rice
I was originally just thinking fruit for dessert but our fruit wasn't actually delivered this week. oops. So maybe leftover bourbon chocolate cake or I might make some biscotti. neither really compliments indian food but it'll be what we got!

Neither menu was really planned for a theme we just thought about what vegetable were in the CSA box this week and what we like to make and what else was in the fridge. The only things we have never made are the Saag paneer (i have made paneer before. it is super easy.) and the carmel sauce (which I think I can handle.)

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