Memphis, TN part one; Cats in the letterbox, ducks in the fountain

Welcome to the House of Mews. A no-kill cat shelter similar to, though not quite as big as, Tree House here in Chicago. They were closed but I spent a good 10 minutes petting this last kitty though the letter slot and trying to take an interesting picture of it. We went back the next day and found out a woman started it by herself and she still works there everyday. She charges an adoption fee instead of just giving all the kitties away because then you have made a commitment to the animal. Someone willing to part with some cash in exchange for a pet is less likely to neglect it or return it. An interesting concept. She also collects cat food for low income families who have adopted pets. So if you are in Memphis or Chicago think about giving one of these shelters a visit just to give some love to the animals or think about donating what you can. B and I donate lots of unwanted household items to Tree House and my parents clip cat food coupons and send them to me for Tree House. The House of Mews is on Cooper just off Young and Tree House has a location in Uptown right off Broadway and Carmen as well as a location and clinic in Bucktown. Or if you don't like cats think about same for your local dog shelter.

The ducks hang out in the fountain in the lobby of the Peabody hotel everyday from 11am-5pm. You can see the duck march from the elevator to the fountain and back again at those times.

When not in the fountain the ducks live here. The duck palace on the roof of the hotel.

or rather here, behind the palace pictured above

This is the view of the city from the roof. not too shabby if i do say so myself.
Supposedly the ducks in the fountain started as a practical joke after a hunting trip and too much Jack Daniels.Find more on the story of the ducks here.


Kathryn Toman said...

i can't believe those ducks, that is so fricking cute.

Treehouse didn't close right?

A Homely Heroine said...

Great photo-postcards, I'm really enjoying these ; )

Let me know what you think of Coco when you see it...