Austin,TX part two: Breakfast, Barton Springs and Bats

It was B's birthday.

Best local swimming hole ever! Isn't it idyllic? probably my favorite part of Austin.

Austin is on a bat migration pattern. From about April to October the bats take up residence under the Congress Ave bridge over Town Lake. Every evening during this time you can watch the bats leave their daytime shelter and fly out from under the bridge as they begin their nocturnal hunt for food.


Kathryn Toman said...

that swimming hole photo reminds me of the classic painting made of dots- oh right point-til-ism ( humm....) anyhoser, you know the one i am talking about.

A Homely Heroine said...

I can't believe that lido, I am seriously beach-starved here in rainy Bath, I envy you this trip!