Kathryn Toman said...

I like these shots!

girlie said...

you have cute bangs!

A Homely Heroine said...

Nice photos!

I thought semolina might be like sugar because it feels grittier than flour, but of course you're right about the pasta : ) (Ahha!)

It's nice to know other people feel this way about knitting and stuff, I'm not just being flakey...you're so lucky to have a rooftop garden and green fingers, it sounds great...are you sowing flowers, veg, and herbs? Its going to feel so good when they are all in bloom : )

I never knew there was a vintage makeup book too!!! And yes, I remember those programmes! I saw the 1900 house, the victorian house, and the WW2 one. With the golden syrup and marmite on the larder shelves, and taking the bed apart to clean it.