more plaid

So last night I went to see Hubbard Street Dance's winter series with my friend Katie. They performed a new piece, Walking Mad, that we just finished building costumes for. craziness. we got the final casting like 2 weeks ago. That's 18 dancers clothed with items all built in the shop within a fortnight. It was a good piece though. i still don't understand the peplums on the men's pants but the schmate dresses looked better than I thought they would. i wore plaid. and 2 pairs of tights and leggings. there was so much on my legs that I forgot I was wearing a skirt.

Katie had dyed her hair dark brown like mine and we were going to take a twins picture but she has already started stripping her hair to get it back to her natural color. Anyway before the show last night we went to Sally's beauty supply so she could buy more bleach and some dye. Its kinda fun to play around with the colors. i found one called light drabber, its gray. i want to dye my hair gray. I know I am weird. I would love just a little steak of it somewhere. i would look like Rogue. It would be a tremendous amount of upkeep and I am lazy. I also love red hair. more on the orange-y side than the burgundy side but i don't have the coloring for that as my Aunt ida would have told me. I do want to cut my hair again though. Have thicker bangs and somewhere around chin/jaw length. kinda like 60's vidal sassoon meets clara bow. My hair is just so much in the way and it always looks bad in the winter. my hat doesn't stay on my head because it is so thick in addition to my scarf. and it has to be down to even wear my hat so it is all in my face if it is windy, like today, and it gets pulled by my bag and it gets all static-y.uggh.
in good news i got to randomly talk to my friend Benny on skype the other day. He is currently learning to snowboard in Japan and was supposed to move on to Thailand in like 2 weeks but there is a lot of political upheaval there right now and going there may not be the best idea ever had. he talked to our friend Amelia, who is currently in London, and he may go there in April. He tried to talk me into going too since it is halfway between the 2 of us and I would love to go but i don't think I can afford it if i wan tot make it to Israel this year at all... but I have been dying to see the Victoria and Albert museum and i have heard that the costume shop at the Globe sews everything by hand because that's how it was originally done. not sure if that is really true or not but I LOVE handsewing and if it is i would love to try and intern there or something.
Ok enough rambling.
I leave you with the almost finished 1st mitt that i needed 2 months ago. I am trying to think of a way to adapt them for wear in the bitterness that is the weather now.


A Homely Heroine said...

Nice mitten! They'll 'go' with the tartan.

A Homely Heroine said...

What a stunning compliment! I can't wait to see the sketch! Are you on Burda Style? Its like ravelry for dressmakers. I'm nowhere near experienced enough to use their patterns though : )

sushi said...

just fyi, you do have a friend at Mario Tricoci university, and i know how to cut and color hair! ps mine is now a copper blonde cut into a punky chin length "creative cut" shag yay ;)