Tag! You're it!!

I've been tagged by the Homely Heroine in my first ever blog tag! it is so exciting! HH is my first blogger friend too by the way so it is only fitting. So here goes...

The rules:
Link to the person who tagged you. check.
Post the rules on your blog. check.
Write six random things about yourself. (hell and death, as Stephen Maturin would put it) HH's comment but i have to leave it since Maturin is one of two reasons we became friends in the first place, the other is Jack Aubrey. but, Check.
Tag six people at the end of your post. umm...3/4 Check
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Check. sorry guys...
Let the tagger know your entry is up. double Check!

Six things about me, in no particular order of randomness:
-i really enjoy visual contrast. When I was in photo school, and still, my favorite images were black and white and generally on the contrast-y side. i am finding as a veer away from photo that my enjoyment of contrast finds a place in other things too. like interior decorating (my apt is an unfinished theme of hot pink, gray, black and a bit of dk brown) Clothes too are a good place to throw in something unexpectedly contrast-y, though i was better at that one when i was younger.
-Speaking of fashion I am obsessed with dark hunter forest green color which sort of bleeds into teals and a specific dark indigo blue as well. and i am morally opposed to this sage-y drab-y green that seems to be so popular in the last few years. it looks like mush! (see above)
-I graduated with a BA in photography a little over a year ago. I want to go back to school, like next fall, for fashion, in New York. I want to get an AAS from Parsons in Fashion Studies, the only program designed for people who have a degree already but want to change directions, so i can learn construction and patterning and technical skills as well work on my design skills which are not as good as my technical ones. I then want to attempt financial and physical suicide and get a masters from FIT in Fashion History, Theory and Museum practice. I want to be a fashion historian. i came to this conclusion because I have a great affinity for history and and increasing love of reading Fashion Theory and academia. Yes there is such a thing. Its fairly new, in the last 10 years or so, and that makes it interesting.
- i have issues with food. I love food and i love to eat. I am Jewish and Italian so food cures everything. but I have been wanting to move away from processed food and the general disassociation that most people have with their food and get back to regional seasonal eating. The past few years have lead to a greater interest in farming and agriculture and the agribusiness laws that govern it in this country and the problems therein. i would rather spend the extra money and give it to the farmers at the farmers market who i know, i talk to them every week, than to the corporate big box food mongers. Just like everything else you get what you pay for.
-my current obsession is with Horses and anything equestrian. i have never ridden a horse and since all the stables in chicagoland are in the suburbs and i don't own a car i don't think it will happen anytime soon. i actually got into horses in a kind of disturbing way, a horse died. i got interested in horse racing after the Kentucky Derby when Eight Belles died. A friend of mine, who grew up with horses and her dad actually raised? trained? race horses was talking about it and i just got hooked. I look at the carriage horses downtown with a new sense of awe as well as sadness for them, they look so unhappy, i just want to give them a hug. let them smell my hand and scratch their long noses.
-i love lolcats. I check i can has cheezburger first thing after checking my email. it just makes me smile.

i am tagging the following absolutely fantastic people: the Saturation, Designer Dad, Some Girls Wander and Stephmodo


Anonymous said...

Not quite sure if I can totally participate in this whole tagging thing. I only know know two other people besides myself with blogs. You and Katie. I will try though

A Homely Heroine said...

yay! Your six random things are the most interesting I have read anywhere : )