Marilyn Monroe had a pair of sandals with a clear lucite wedge. The idea is that you can lace different ribbons through the wedge in multiple ways. I have been wanting a pair since I saw the ones Norma Jean was wearing with her bathing suit.

Mohop Shoes are made right here in good old Chi-town and come with 5 pairs of ribbon in the color scheme of your choosing. The soles come in a wedge style (similar to above) in cherry or walnut wood and in three heel heights as well as a bent plywood sole with a more traditional heel look also in three heights. All shoes are made to order. This could be the last pair of sandals you ever buy.

My choices: mid heel (2.5") cherry wedge sandal $278
bent ply low heel (1') square toe with wenge veneer $223

Check it out here.

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