what to do when you don't have a job...

I finally finished the turtle for Maribel.

pattern from knitty.com

I knit myself cat. It kinda reminds me of my friend Toy's cat Valentino, could be one of his litter mates, so her name has inadvertently become Valentina.

pattern also from knitty.com but i added the tail. There are two more coming. a gray kitty in a pink and black sweater and a pink kitty with a gray and black sweater.

I needed something to hold all the odds and ends i throw into my extremely large bag but none of the make up bags that i have were exactly right, too big, too small, wrong shape. So i designed my own.

It has two zippered pockets and opens like a book.

I wanted to put elastic loops for my make up brushes but i didn't have any elastic so this one is sort of wallet-like on the inside. it also conveniently doubles as a clutch and matches my outfit for the benefit tomorrow.

i used muslin and put freeform sewing machine stitching on it for interest and a really awesome huge wooden button.

That and I check email and facebook compulsively even though i know there isn't anything new and i blogsurf for hours on end. Apartment Therapy, Angry Chicken and Sugar City Journal are my faves.

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plush said...

hey amy..first time here...n just wanted to say...the turtle n the cat r cute n the bag's good! n while u keep thinkin y u don't hav a job...n what if u had one...some of us think the opposite sometimes n yea...am sick of all that too..relativity n blah...so..u've got company girl....just keep doin what u do...n as cliche`d as it may sound...things will fall into place!