12:29 am 10/4/08 thursday...

I am incredibly overwhelmed lately. if i don't find a job soon, like tomorrow, that is not the following i will officially have no money left and be destitute. for real.
pay $8/hr or less
require a car
require more than one leg of transportation
require an unreliable travel time of an hour or more
involve accounting, waiting tables or specialized training, like say a laywer
only part-time
require me to drop another $600 i don't have on fancy schmancy office clothes that are uncomfortable and don't fit.

I spent some time going back through my blog tonight, only fitting since reading blogs is what i do mostly right now, and i found several things interesting.
how the problems i am having right now are the same i was having in august
how i used to live for an impossible dream
how there must be something on these pages that will point in some direction
if only more people read this and shared their thoughts with me.

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Amy said...

i love you and im thinking about you. that wallet you made is AMAZING!! perhaps a local boutique might be interested in a few of those?

hang in there mamacita, itll happen for you.