Your going to Hell...

As i got on the train today a Sudanese man who had been passing out Jesus pamphlets got off. i know that the man was Sudanese because on the train another man was talking to 2 other men about it. All three had pamphlets in their hands. This man who was talking was preaching the glory of the Lord. He had been consumed by the ways of the devil, drugs, booze, cigarettes, women. His wife and left him and took his son. He was in the darkest place a man could know, he wanted to end his own life. He called his sister who was a born again christian and told her how he was feeling and what he wanted to do and she told that he should come back to the savior Jesus Christ and she would pray for him. I am actually a little fuzzy on the exact details of the following event but this man was on the verge of committing suicide and his sister appeared and reminded him that God gave his only begotten son for our sins and that if you accept Jesus as your personal savior you will be saved. Needless to say this man was struck by the awesome power of God as if by a thunderbolt and was converted. He was baptised on the 5th of May 1995. he went on after this story with some general Jesus talk and he made a comment about how those who reject Jesus are with the devil. Now I do not doubt the veracity of this man's story nor do I discredit his coming to faith but I am disconcerted by this comment because I do not accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior because I am a Jew and I am sure that this man had he gotten to chat with me for a bit would find me a very nice and decent person. i wonder, if i was a confrontational type of person, if I had brought up this flaw in his sermon what he would have said or how he would have reacted to some little girl coming up to him and saying "but what about Jews?"

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girlie said...

i wish i had been there longer, and we could have seen each other! i am hoping to be back this summer, but you are always welcome to visit here too :)

p.s. i know exactly what you mean about this post... i think we think differently because we were once in the same boat. a little bit more out of the box, jaded not negatively but in a mature questioning way.