"will work for free..."

This photographer job with the rug company loooks like it is not going to pan out. i am scheduled to shoot for them on tuesday and i will not be getting paid for that because its "like a second interview" BS. and it doesn't appear that i will be paid anything near a professional rate if it does work out. i couldn't get any actual numbers out of her but she said the guy they've been using will shoot 50 rugs and they will pay him $100. 50 rugs is kind of alot. i am assuming that would take some time. she admitted that it was practically pro bono. why would you admit that to someone you want to hire? why would you interview a professional and not treat them as such? she stated in the original interview that this was going to be a real shoot. they would use the images and its not something they were planning to reshoot. then she tells me on the phone that they wouldn't want to pay me for this trial shoot because what if they have to reshoot? i have been disrespected and demeaned as a professional. it is really not worth my time to even do the shoot on tuesday, not that i have anything else to do but i could be thouroughly enjoying my time off or shooting something that will make it into my portfolio.

i did have a lady call me back about an internship that sounds really intesting, unpaid, but i do have an interview tomorrow afternoon for a legal assistant position that will actually pay my bills. i also got kudos on my body of work from the portfolio advisor i saw today.

and this just makes me laugh...

kitty fight

Thats what i think about violence!

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