things to do...

so just in case anyone has been wondering what i have been doing with my time, aside from trying to find a job.

1. Cooking

Mushroom and Pea Quinoa Risotto.
Very good with some parmesan cheese mixed in. Says it makes 4 servings, more like 8. a week later i still have some left over and it uses way too many dishes.

Summer Pot Pie with Tomato and Goat Cheese. Best thing i have made since spinach pie. Super easy too. I a have a winter vegetable version with potato, fennel and squash i can't wait to try.
I just finished some vegetable soup which i added some of the leftover quinoa to and needs some salt. i have quite a bit if any one is hungry or else it is going into the freezer

random picture of a pomegranate. i thought it was pretty.

2. Planning Interior decorating for my oh so drab apartment and designing furniture

A sewing table. One that isn't too wide or too long. so it will fit in my aprtment. Made from components from Ikea, some plywood and paint. cost $80ish. the colors are black and silver. it seems a little gothic but it goes with the scheme for the rest of my apt and the baroque looking legs match a frame i have which is also black.

I kinda wanted to option of making the table longer so i could set up my table top ironing board or have extra space to cut some patterns or room for larger projects. the idea is the side is just another peice of plywood on a hinge and it folds down. i was trying to think of an idea of fold out legs but it seemed to bulky and complicated so , i thought i could use another cabinet-y type peice and it could sit next to the table and i could just slide it over and flip up the side and then rest it on the cabinet.
I finished sewing 3 of 4 chair cushions. i just need more ribbon for the 4th and some foam for all of them. they are multi colored stripes of fairly bright-ish colors. i will post a picture as soon as they are done.

3. reading.
i haven't read like this since high school. i am up all night just with a book. I just finished Marjorie Morningstar and a Short History of Judaism. i am moving on to Finding God at Harvard (Because God went to Harvard right?) I know I know all religious books but a little religion now and then never hurt any one. i have also become re obsessed with fashion so i have been looking up all things fashiony online. i really like the Sartorialist's blog. I really hate current hipster fashion. Some designers i like: Luisa Beccaria, Romina Karamanea, Alice Ritter and Erin Fetherston ( who is only 24!!) I am just waiting for the sewing machine to be repaired and for somehow to acquire a bolt of muslin and a roll of brown paper. pencils, rulers and thread i already own thank God.

4. Blogging
i have nothing to do! why not. i have spent alot of time on the internet andi have found some interesting stuff so why not share it.

Yea. so... Parsons has a Design program in Paris. isn't that fascinating?

i really should find some kind of physical movement to do. my back is starting to kill me from the long hours at the computer without a proper seating arrangement. and i don't want to get fat or too behind for when i can afford to take dance classes again.

Please please comment or write me or something. i am lonely and bored.

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girlie said...

omg, i am so hungry now (surprise, right?) can i please please please have the pot pie receipe?