Boston, part 2

It seems that in my excitement over Sleep No More I forgot to mention what else we did while in Boston! Thanks Amanda for reminding me!

Since B has been to Boston a few time before he kinda knew what kinds of things to do. The first picture in the last post was from Top of the Hub, the Boston equivalent to the Signature Room here in Chicago. It is a bar and restaurant at the top of the Prudential Tower and you can see the whole city. We were there for sunset. And I tried a new drink! A caipirinha. I liked it but I don't remember what was in it or what it tasted like. Fruity, I think.

On our way to SNM I sat next to a lady who was knitting on the T. She was making a table runner from Mason Dixon Knitting that she was trying to finish before the holidays. I hope she did! She also told me that she was using the linen yarn that the book recommended and it was very stiff and painful to work with. The ladies at her LYS told her to wet out the yarn and then freeze and then whack it with a rolling pin or something. We kinda laughed about that but she said it worked and I think it would be great stress relief. I was also informed that there is a cute yarn shop in Brookline right off the T stop where we were getting off for SNM. We walked right by it I kinda wanted to go in but they were closed and I didn't want to be tempted since my funds are low and I don't have any new projects in my head right now. (and did you see the awesome guerilla knitting in south Boston from my last post? Not too much guerrilla knitting here in chi-town, at least I haven't seen any, so I was very impressed!)

We spent Friday at the MFA (Museum of Fine Art). They have a large costume and textile collection so B thought I would enjoy it. They have a special collection room where the costume and textile dept seems to have regular rotating exhibits. i was super excited about this. I get really geeky about historical clothes. We spent the morning wandering around and just as I was starting to get tired and burned out I told B we had to go see the costume room because I didn't want to be tired for that. And there was no exhibit!! It was closed!! I peered through the crack between the doors and there wasn't anything up!! Soooo disappointing! We were gonna go check out the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum afterward but were so tired we decided to go take a nap before SNM (take 2, because really you HAVE to see it more than once and preferably as many times as possible to see everything, well almost everything. You discover new things and new rooms every time you see it!)

After SNM(2) we went to this bar called Drink. B had been there on his trip a few weeks before and really liked it. It is a cocktail bar and they serve all kinds of old fashioned cocktails like a French 75 and a traditional champagne cocktail. After that I was drunk for the first time since college (I am a light weight). I felt like I was talking incessantly and was confused as to why there were so many stairs and exhilarated that I wasn't falling down them. Apparently the drunkenness was all in my head as B said I didn't really seem any different from usual. Also Drink serves cocktails that are not champagne based and they have warm drink concoctions perfect for the winter. Just talk to one of the highly skilled bartenders about what you like and they will find you something or make it up.

We didn't get to all the things we wanted to like the Gardner Museum, the aquarium and a diner in Cambridge that Amanda recommended but I really enjoyed Boston and we did get to have sticky buns for breakfast. It was the first trip in a very long while that I really enjoyed. We got everywhere we needed to go on public transit (the T). It worked for us but I don't think it is quite as extensive as the CTA. Then again Boston is rather more compact than Chicago. I would definitely go back to Boston in a heartbeat (especially if someone decides to send me there before February 7 so I can see SNM again. if you go with me I will buy your ticket to the show AND on of the fancy drinks at the speakeasy bar after the show.)

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Amanda Atkins said...

Aw, I'm so glad you got to do all of that! I actually have never been to Drink or the restaurant at the top of the Pru. I want to go to both now! I am also a lightweight who has not been drunk since college, and when I do get tipsy no one believes me! haha.
I'm glad you loved boston!!!