a slow return...

yea that about sums it up, right? Well welcome back to me and hopefully to you too. I have lots of pictures to share from my trip but first some expeditions in bread baking form the last month and a half...

Whole Wheat Challah. I used 2 cups whole wheat to 2 1/4+ all purpose. Really good. a little less sweet than usual but B and I both like it better. I used the recipe I posted here.

Whole Wheat Pita. I don't remember my ratio on this one as I did not have to figure it out myself. I used this recipe. I think my oven doesn't like to get hot enough. The first 2 didn't puff so I rolled the rest thinner and cranked the oven. they puffed a bit but not in a make a falafel sandwhich kind of way. Even so it was much better than the dried out flaky stuff I can buy. And it is pretty easy.
I also made some cinnamon bread (and I made that whole wheat too) but I didn't photograph it and I really didn't like it too much. Too Sweet? Too Heavy (after the whole wheat conversion)? I dunno so B ate pretty much all of it. I got the recipe off the flour bag. I had sweet dreams of the cinnamon swirl bread my mom likes but FAIL. oh well.
I am kinda obsessed with whole wheat bread lately.

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A Homely Heroine said...

Mmm, bread : ) How was Israel?