Memphis, TN part three: Old man river and a Southern tree (or two)

This is a mile long scale model of the Mississippi. It was fun to walk in in the heat. There is also information on the history of the river as well. It was very interesting to learn about the changes that have occurred in the the geography of the river.

The actual Mississippi River next to the model. On the other side of the bridge is West Memphis, Arkansas.

This is a tree that was all of Memphis and I love it. I have no idea what it is but if I ever have a house with some kind of land i want one. I also saw it in white and purple.

This tree was in front of a house. It is so big and covered in mosses. It was breath taking. You can see how it took over the sidewalk. I want one of these too!

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Anonymous said...

the tree is a crape myrtle, and the ivy is kudzu.