I owe you lots of updates....

Since starting my Wardrobe Refashion Project i have been trying really hard to post once a week over at Dart and Hem and while i have still been sure to take lots of pictures for you for this blog I still haven't gotten around to posting them. i have also had some issues with my computer and external hard drive which just adds to the problem. So this is my attempt to catch you up a bit before I leave the country for 3 weeks and have even more for you.

First off, about our roof garden! haven't talked plants in awhile.

We also have Thyme, Oregano and Basil doing really well in the house and on the back porch. There are about a dozen tomatoes coming in, several sweet peppers and some beans. We have already made a decent sized harvest of our kale.

and in case you are wondering how it all got up there:

we lovingly call it the Mizzen top.

I have also been taking a botany class and have learned much about identifying plants and how they are classified. it makes me feel like Maturin. The class is at the Botanic Garden here in Chicago and our teacher is really great. He is really relaxed but he really knows his stuff and loves it too. The group of people in the class are really great too. I hope to be able to stay in touch with some of them.

next up, the road trip. Since that will consist of many many pictures I think it will be a separate post.


A Homely Heroine said...

Mmm basil. Basil and tomato, yum. I love love love your mizzen top : )

Kathryn said...

mizzen top, HA! good one.