We now have a grow closet!

we have decided that in the current economy to keep our ends met to grow pot in our closet and go into the pot brownie business. We grow only the finest black rooster weed, our own specially raised variety that you can only get from us. Please place your orders early as we already have a long waiting list.

Um...or we are starting the seeds for our roof garden indoors since the official frost free date in Chi-town isn't until mid to late May (depending on who you ask) and the growing season is relatively short.

We planted kale, peppers, thyme, rosemary, oregano and chamomile last week and already have little seedlings. We will be planting tomatoes, basil and mint sometime this week. We also have a mystery plant from a 6pack of lettuce that I planted at a workshop. i left the seedlings in the dark too long and had to scrap them but this mystery survived and seems to be doing well. We think it is a bean. i will post pictures soon

We also have a livestock addition to our little urban homestead: WORMS!

This is me wetting out their bedding in the sink.
We were able to trade some plants for some worms from a friend. We were just going to pay her for them but when she heard about what were growing in the closet for the roof we decided that a trade would be more appropriate. A good deal on both sides I think!

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Kathryn Toman said...

amy this is so awesome-you've inspired me!!! I'm so happy u found this little piece of happiness!!