I ordered seeds today for my very first garden! I ordered from Seed Savers Exchange. I like what they do and they are probably the closest seed company to me. Double bonus. The girl on the phone was super nice. We chatted for a minute or two while her computer was loading.

This is what B and I put on the docket:

Tomatoes- Nyagous
Peppers- Wisconsin Lakes
Beans-Pencil Pod Golden Wax
Carrots- Purple Dragon
Cucumber- Snows Fancy ( I can attempt to make pickles with them too!)
Kale-Red Russian
Peas-Green Arrow ( I was also really bad and ordered some Tom Thumb too. They are real small plants and I thought they might make nice gifts and look pretty on a table or something.)

and for September delivery Garlic-Siberian (I am most excited about this one. I don't know what it is but Garlic just does it for me.)

I will be able to make my own Chamomile Mint tea. This excites me to no end, even more than fresh pesto and lazy days reading pulling the basil leaves off the plant and chewing as i read.

I don't even really know where all these plants are gonna go, maybe on the roof. I know that most of them won't make it on the porch, not enough sun and we have a crack squirrel problem.

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A Homely Heroine said...

So jealous! fresh herbs!