motionless in the haze...

So last week in my utter boredom I took my first foray into dying. I have thought about tea dying for a while and I love the color of Hibiscus tea so I dyed a piece of muslin.

It sat in the brew overnight. Its a very pale mauve color, paler than these photos. I don't think I had enough tea.

A sneak peak of things to come, because I feel like being mysterious.

I was so intrigued by the way the skeins alternated color and non-color that I had to give in. I don't think it is in the normal color scheme that i usually go towards but I am in a mode of trying to upset my balance and step a little out of my comfort zone lately.

so here is the outfit that I wore yesterday. I really liked how I felt in it so I took some silly pictures of myself to show you.

It's a hot pink/magenta cotton peasant style shirt that I splurged on from American Eagle, my Abercrombie shorts (the ONLY pair of shorts I own, though I do want to remedy that. Its too hot.) and my favorite gold Jesus sandals from Enzo Angiolini that I got on sale at Field's and they were the last pair in stock!

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