Weekend entertainment...

We went to Ravinia on Friday to see Feist. We brought a picnic dinner and a bottle of wine. It was fun to do something different even though it was ridiculously crowded and the train out there was packed.

Katie and Christian went too.

I worked on Ethan's hat until it was too dark to see!

Last time B and I took a picture together I think I was wearing the same shirt.

Katie and I have thing with getting a picture together in front of the Ravinia sign.
After the concert Katie and Christian drove us downtown, well tried to. The roads are all small side street like and twist and turn alot so you are never sure of what direction you are going and we got some bad directions more than once. It took awhile to get out of Ravinia-land to the expressway! Justin got tickets to Hellboy II for us for Bryson's birthday present. We went to the midnight showing and the AMC river east. It was a LONG night!

On Saturday night we went to a free Performance of Compagnie Transe Express' Maudits Sonnants at Navy Pier.

It was kinda fun as I seem to really love circus especially French circus. It was kind of slow moving but I think it was geared toward children and maybe that is why. I have a video of one of the trapeze artists but blogger doesn't seem to like uploading it so I will have to try again later.

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