because its the weekend, we'll pretend I don't have to work, and because its summer...

pinstripe seersucker shirred underwire padded top $50
pinstripe seersucker ruched glamour bikini $42
in persimmon and mosaic blue from J. Crew

I have been wanting a simple black bikini for at least 3 years now but this is the suit my heart aches for right now, the black can wait another year because someone will always make a black bikini. First of all I love J. Crew bathing suits. I own 3 of them but your not allowed to know that. The material is more substantial than cheaper brands and they are well made. Second, I just love the 50's styling on this suit. I have liked their seersucker suits in the past but this takes the cake.I don't feel like its something I would normally actually wear but I am trying to step out of my comfort zone a little and honestly I am starting to be bored and overheated by the all the black in my overstuffed closet. I am leaning toward the pink just to keep it extra girly and because I need to feel pretty lately.

And then there's this that just makes me smile and laugh a little bit to myself to no end:

*Pictures from jcrew.com

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