update and WIP's...

This is the Superhero cat.

She lives next door. She is very chatty.

This is a dress that I want to make using some black and white tree fabric I have in my stash. I started the muslin and I already know that I will have to alter the pattern. But I have stopped working on it because I am working on this:

It used to be 3 table runners that B got at Target. I am making them into 2 wall hangings for his living room. He's paying me for this. (Notice my ample workspace/floorspace that I have since I rearranged the apartmento. oh my kingdom for a real work table.)

They are burgundy and brown with metallic gold block printing on the borders and they will have a gold shantung border.

And in other news there is THIS:

This is my shiny new kettle. My old one broke after 2 and half years and dad took it home to fix it but decided it wasn't worth fixing so mom bought me a new one. Its WAY better than the old one. I need a good kettle with the amount of tea that I drink. Thanks Mom!! :)

Still no job but looking. I think I am going to start my own business and sell some of my photos, notecards and wallets and bags like the one I made a few weeks ago. (see previous post "what to do when you don't have a job..."below)

Please share your opinions in the comments-ANYONE may comment but please leave your name or drop distinguishing terms like Richardson's Mamacita in her comment on "12:29 am 10/4/08 thursday..." Spanks, thanks, merci, grazie, toh dah, arigato...

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girlie said...

the bodum water kettles rock too! and they come in fun colors! i think i got mine at crate and barrel?