this road seems to come to an end...

i have hit a dead end and i don't know what else to do. as another month comes to a close i still have no job and no prospects. no i don't know what i want to do. that seems to be the question i get asked. i know what i don't want. retail, sales, evenings and weekends, telemarketing. i am employed, supposedly, by 3 temp agencies who never call. i have exhausted craigslist, careerbuilder, the reader and monster.com. everything reads like a scam and most of it is and i know that becasue i have already dealt personally with some of the companies. everything is retail or part-time or for $6 an hour or evenings and weekends only. i really don't know what else to do. i would really prefer to not work at starbucks. i no longer drink coffee, it makes me sick when i do occasionally have a cup, i would not be learning anything new, already been a barista, weird hours, standing all day sweating and coming home smelly. i don't like starbucks coffee, its over roasted. i want something i can maybe learn something i don't know at, something that will actually add to my resume.
if you have any words of encouragement please pass them along because i am at my wits end and getting horribly depressed. Or just remind me of what my skill set actually is because i feel qualified for nothing except being gawked at.

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girlie said...

of course i always am happy for the people who love their jobs... my drama professors, yoga instructors, freelance artists... but i always ALWAYS admire the people who don't really love their job, but they do it as a means so that they can do what they love in their free time. I've kind of made that my new perspective on working. I will work any job, overnight, any hours as long as my bills are paid and i can be with who i want to be with outside of work, paint, and be myself. You always bring your own creativity to anything you do.
hope that helps :)