Photo Shoot Update

so everyone i was supposed to shoot last week was rescheduled this week due to the crappy weather. I shot Jill and Eric yesterday. The battery in my light meter died so my shots of Eric were metered on how i had shot Jill. i got some images and its going ok but i am totally over this project. Class didn't really like my hand/signature idea because it "too cookie cutter" whatever. i don't really know what i want in the portraits any more so i don't know how to direct my models. I am shooting Frances and carolina this afternoon and i spent the moring shooting more still lifes.
50 sheets of color negetive- $99
processing- $1.85/sheet
Lithium Battery-$10
Polaroid type 52-$60
Polaroid type 55-$86
Sodium Sulfite-$10
$357.50 and still having to scan and print.

Photo expenses= Priceless

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