So i have 3 people lined up to shoot today. It is supposed to rain so i am not sure what is going to happen. overcast sky=crappy light.
Frances is supposed to come at 10 which only gives me an hour and a half before work.
Eric and Carolina are supposed to both come at 4:30/45ish. The light at that time yesterday was kinda crappy.
We'll see. It may work it may not. I just don't have time for re-shoots oh wait I don't have time for the original shoot either.
I am not so excited about this project anymore (can you tell?). Its the time constraint and lack of enthusiasm from others. Its why I don't like shooting people.

I have also decided that I can't finish the book about Moholy. It makes me fall asleep. I don't think I know enough about Moholy or his work to understand it comletely. I would prefer a straight biographical writing of him.

I would like to concentrate on one "all consuming" thing at a time.

*Self portrait by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

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